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Leslie Barry Simon

September 17, 1951 ~ July 28, 2020 (age 68)


Simon, Leslie ‘Barry’

It is with heavy and broken hearts that at we announce that Leslie Barry Simon passed away on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at the age of 68.

Barry died at home as per his wishes, with Matthew (his son), Christine (daughter-in-law) and Rose (wife) by his side.

Matthew and Rose got to hold him and tell him that he’s loved as he took his last breath, he passed away in their arms.

Barry was born and raised in Oshawa, he was the son of Robert and Lyda Simon (nee Morgan).

He will be greatly missed by his “much older” sister Bonnie and brother-in-law Jim Cornish and their children Kevin, Kris, Clay and their families, by his older brother Bobby Simon and sister-in-law Liz, their children Jason and LeeAnn and their families, his younger brother Keri Simon and by his cousin Eddie Wright and his wife Colleen and the boys and family. I am glad you all made it up to come and visit Barry, have some family time with his siblings. He was so happy and sad to see you all after he got discharged from ICU. It gave everyone a chance to share stories and say their final goodbyes.

Barry will be greatly missed by his brothers-in-law and their families; Mike Novak (Sonia) and nephew Brennen, Steve Novak (Natalie) and their children Brandon, Nick, and Katie. The bond that they had was incredible, they loved and respected Barry, they looked up to him for advice, they shared much laughter, sadness and most of all, the love for each other. He was FAMILY, he looked at things with a rational, and had a gentle approach to very delicate situations. He balanced our lives with patience and understanding and compassion. His niece and nephews will miss his quirky sense of humour… they all loved him. Thank you for all your love and support with the calls, texts messages or through FaceTime and the final visit you made him laugh and smile. Love you Forever!

I would like to thank my family for being my support, my heart is full for the love I have for you all. Barry loved you all very much, you welcomed him into our family with open arms. I know Ma and Dad ( the late Rosina and Mike Novak) will take care of him now. They loved him very much, he was a good son-in-law.

Thank you to my aunt Sophie and Uncle Mike, he loved sitting around the kitchen table and just talking about anything and everything, especially enjoying a glass, nope a bottle of wine with Uncle Mike and loved the feast that my aunt Sophie always had on the table.

Thank you to my cousin Sylvie, Robert, Megan, Mattie and Copper, Barry enjoyed our family gatherings with you all. Thank you for the LOVE and for being there for us. Thank you cousin Stan, Kathy, Terri and Danny for your kind wishes

Thank you to my cousins Danica, James, and my Aunt Ana for all your calls, messages, and support. Love you all.

Thank you to my cousins Maggie, Annie, Teta Anna and the Smodis Family for all that you do and all that you have done for us. I know that Teta will pray for him.


Barry attended University of Waterloo BSc Biology ‘ 74. He was a graduate of the Michener Institute of Medical Technology Nuclear Medicine class of 77’.

Upon graduation, he became the Charge Technologist Nuclear Medicine at the Queensway Hospital in Etobicoke, Ontario.

He decided to get out of the big city and moved to Barrie, Ontario where he accepted the position of Charge Technologist at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

He made many great friends while in Barrie, Don Leigh and family, Ruth and the late Steven Blair, Richard Lee and the entire Imaging Department became his family.

In 1985 he got married, did not know what hit him, he got warned by Rose’s Mom, she told him to Run! This August would have been 35 years.

In 1987 Denis Gravelle called and said they were looking for a Nuc Med charge technologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in North Bay. A visit and interview, was set up, was said we would stay we would try it for two years, its been 33 years later, best life and career decision we made. Thanks to Dr. Cam Hunter, the late Velma McLeod and Mrs. Denise Hogan, for selling the love of the North.

February 8th, 1990 was the best day of his life, the day his son Matthew was born. He loved being a Dad more than anything in the world.

Barry retired from Nuclear Medicine six years ago. Rose had other plans for him while she worked.

The booming film industry needed actors (extras). He was in two films where he played the part of a Villager, a Rabbi and with neighbour Leo Cappadocia they were roman soldiers, he met many people and loved it.


Barry fought a courageous battle with a rare form of lymphoma. He never complained, he was a kind gentle soul, mild mannered, easy going, witty, happy go lucky kind of a guy, always saw the good in everyone, never judged.

Barry was given a poor prognosis right from the beginning, he wanted to fight it and fight it he did. He was given high dose chemo and had a stem cell transplant in October.

He knew he was just buying time, he wanted to attend Matthew and Christine’s wedding in beautiful Canmore Alberta last September. He was so happy that he was able to attend and be The Best Man too. He also got to meet Christine’s family which filled his heart with joy.

We had a family dinner to celebrate Christine and Matthew’s union in October, unfortunately he was not able to attend because he was in isolation on the Oncology unit in Sudbury pre-stem transplant, but we were all able to FaceTime with him, he enjoyed that very much.

He was an amazing Dad and Husband, supportive, caring, encouraging, loving, had patience, gave gratitude, was a logical thinker, always positive, always looking at the bright side of life.

He was an avid reader, loved to get lost in a good book, sometimes 4 or 5 on the go at the same time. He loved his sudoku puzzles, golfing especially with the late Mr. Frank Dimmell. He loved to fish especially with Dave Mascioli, always entertaining. He enjoyed going on motorcycle rides, sitting on the dock up in Kipawa, skiing downhill and cross country, loved a good game of euchre, enjoyed movies especially spaghetti westerns, enjoyed history trivia, listening to the birds, his favorite the chickadees, or the loons on the lake.

He had a love for music, all kinds of music, we played his favorite tracks, all 134 songs on his list during the end of his life. He wanted to make sure that in his final hour ‘don’t fear the reaper’ was played. It was on shuffle, his wish was granted. He had a great sense of humour.

He enjoyed and looked forward to the annual Chuter skidoo weekend with the boys on Lake Talon and his trips up to Temagami with Grumpy Hodge.

He looked forward to his ‘zoom’ meetings with his Nuc Med Friends, he loved you all. Thank you, Denis Poulin and Caroline Souter, for your years of friendship, love, and support. Denis, you meant the world to him, he respected you and loved you. Jim Ross, Barry’s badass NucMed crime partner. You brought laughter into his life, he loved you like a brother.

Denis Gravelle- thank you for being the reason we came up to North Bay, thank you for all your love and support.

Don Leigh, Rob Chamberlain, Lyle Goodwin, and the entire Nuclear Medicine Group, I thank you all for giving Barry courage and strength as he was battling this nefarious criminal called cancer, you helped by entertaining him with funny stories from the past. I could hear his laughter coming from the sunroom.

We have the best care that anyone can ask for. We are so proud of our community hospital. The North Bay Regional Health Centre. Many, many thank yous to so many! THANK YOU for all your CARE

Dr. Mike Leckie

Dr. Inez Jinnah

Dr. Anne Marie McKenna

Dr. Tanya Shulman

Dr. D. Saunders

Dr. W. Hodge

Dr. J. Hodge

Dr. C. Hunter

Dr. Dom K and Dr. E. Kirby

Dr. M. Loreto

Dr. Prinja

Dr. R. Singh

Dr. Mazerri

Dr. M. Meek

Dr. Lamont

Dr Sogbein

Our heartfelt thanks to the beautiful Gisele and the ACU and Chemo Staff

The ICU Staff are nothing short of amazing, the compassion, the professionalism, the care was first class.

The ER Staff

Lisa and ECG Department

Jill and the Respiratory Team

The Lab and Blood Bank Staff

Echocardiology Stuart

Especially Barry’s beloved Nuclear Medicine Staff Dr. C. Hunter, Melissa, Missy, Laurie, and Rui, you were his other family that he loved very much.

The entire DI staff


Thank you to all the Care Partners, Nursing Staff, with an extra special thank you to Tanya. You gave Barry exemplary nursing care, with gentleness, kindness, compassion, and most of all dignity. You touched our hearts and comforted us during the difficult moments, and there were plenty. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in palliative care. You’re a dedicated nurse with professionalism, you treated us all with style and grace, you’re an angel with a stethoscope.


Thank you to all the wonderful VON PSW staff, without your help, I don’t know how we could’ve done what we did. Each and everyone of you should be proud, proud to know that you make a big impact in so many peoples lives. You are a hard-working group, the unsung heroes, heartfelt thank you to all, especially Crystal.

Special thanks to VON Nursing care (Katie C.), your care, compassion, your comforting touch, your ability to let’s get things done. I appreciate all that you did for us, sending you tons of hugs.

Special thanks goes to Brian Chute and the amazing Algonquin Pharmasave staff and to the Robinsons Pharmasave Staff.

A special thank you goes to Dr. Nimish Parikh, Janis, Donna, Ashley, Kathy and all the amazing staff at the Perth Smith Falls District Hospital Great War Memorial, Thank you for all your love and support.


Thank you to the Algonquin X-ray and Ultrasound Staff for all that you’ve done for us.

Thank you to Alisha Lawyer CCAC, Home Community Care, Care Partners Nursing Team, VON Nursing and PSW Team, Lori Smith Occupational Therapist, and the Medigas Staff.

Thank you to Dr. Herst and the Oncology Unit. The Stem cell team and the Dental oncology team.

I’d like to take this time to thank Mr. Arlie Hoffman for your kindness and for your generous art donations.
Barry had the utmost respect for you.


After Barry’s last visit to the ER and ICU, as he put it, the saddest day of his life, being told that he was palliative. The beautiful Dr. Jinnah came and spoke with us. She gave Barry several options for where he could have his end of life care. He chose to come home, home to his favourite place, the sunroom. Dr. Jinnah made it happen, arranging all the home support, within a few short hours. How lucky were we to a “living” wake, to have time to say what we wanted to say, to share our stories, memories, look at old photos, watch our favorite movies, listen  really listen to our favourite music, given time to say Love you, Thank you, you won’t be alone, don’t be afraid, see you on the other side. Dr. Jinnah was able to give us this time with Barry, time to say Goodbye. Dr. Jinnah, you’re an angel walking among us. Words cannot express how much we appreciate your incredible knowledge on palliative care- end of life care. The process of the end of life was so painful and difficult to watch feeling helpless but you came to reassure us and comfort us with compassion and empathy and for that we are forever grateful. We love you.


To our dear Dr. Leckie, we owe you a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to repay. We will never forget your love and dedication to your patients who need you, especially those in their time of need. Matthew, Christine, and I are so grateful to you for going above and beyond for Barry. Your compassion, your care, your constant support, your daily texts messages, your calls, your visits, you came every day, several times a day, throughout your holidays. Mike you are the epitome of what a true physician is, you’re amazing. We adore you and we thank you for being with us to help care for Barry at the end of his life.

Our hearts are full of gratitude, when we say thank you our families, our famfriends, our friends, our neighbours for all acts of kindness, sympathy, food, flowers, donations, cards, visits, FaceTime, emails, call and kind word spoken about Barry.

He was a wonderful husband, and amazing Dad, good brother, great brother-in-law, best uncle, and a beautiful friend to many.

Thank you to ALL our FAMFriends (The Village) for your love and support.


To Our Hodge Family

Dr. Bill Hodge, thank you for being an amazing friend to Barry, you were there for him no matter what. You took good care of him; you were his advocate when we needed help. You made him laugh, you stocked his library with so many books, they lasted his lifetime. Thank you for making great memories for him, he shared stories of the trips to San Diego, LA, Cuba he had the biggest smiles recalling them. They call you ‘Grumpy’, but you are far from that, you have the biggest, softest, kindest, generous heart. You’re the Best!, Matthew, Christine, and I each thank you from all four chambers of our hearts.

To our dear Pat Hodge, there are no words to express how grateful we are for taking care of ALL of us, bringing calmness and tranquility. Just having your presence, your shoulder, your hugs, quietly filling up our fridge, doing our laundry, our cleaning. You’re an amazing woman.

Barry loved Buster, Jules, and Teddy and all the Hodge furry friends; he was so happy when he got to doggie sit.

Thank you, Jeff, Jaiden, Calvin, Henry and especially Winnie for all these walks.

Jeff thank you for helping us have our last date night watching Hamilton. Barry stayed awake for the entire play.

Kristin, Bill , Elliott, Leah, Henry, Louie, Leslie, Rob, Bennett, Pippa, Mabel and all your fur babies. Stephen, Amber, Everly, Jovie, Carlos, Dee- thank you for having us as a part of the Hodge Gong Show, delighted to be honorary members.


A Heartfelt thanks to the Sogbein family. Dr. and Mrs. Sogbein and Wale, thank you for making the trip to show your compassion, your spiritual guidance, your love for Barry and for us, it will never be forgotten. Thank you Dr. Sogbein for giving Barry his final beautiful blessing. We love you.


To our dear sweet Gisele, don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you, Mindy, Amy, and Dillon, for your messages of love. Your words of encouragement, your caring ways, your unconditional love, and support. I know if we needed something done. I could just pick up the phone, call you, text you, and it was done. Done with Love. Love you back with all my heart.

To the Lachance Family, Sandra Richard, Derek, Whitney, Anthony, Jenn, Lincoln, Alex, Emily and Audrey- Thank you for you famfriendship, Barry loved our trips to Montreal just for laughs, our ski trips to Lake Placid, Canada Day fireworks party at your home and our Dinners with Nonna.

Thank you, Ginny and Dave, Emily, Dom, Gregory, Christopher, Natalie, Ben Kirby, Henry, and the entire Stanton Gang for all your support and friendship over the years especially in the last few days of Barry’s life. Barry enjoyed the fish fries, the euchre games, the campfires, our boat trips, ice fishing so lucky to have such great friends. Dave, he loved the green bananas, he laughed out loud. Ginny, you’re one of a kind, blessed to have you in our lives. Ginny, thank you for always saying a prayer for him and making him laugh. You’re a good friend Ginny Kirby.

Thank you, Dr. Hunter, and Flo, for all that you have done for us over the years. Especially sharing Perry’s place with us, where we made lasting family memories of Lac Kipawa. This is where we found peace and quiet and reconnected as a family and for that we are forever grateful to you both. Love you.

Thank you to all our friends and neighbours for all the delicious food and drinks, its been overwhelming.

Special thanks to Family Scarfone, Family Cipparone, Family Chute, Family Cappadocia, Family Barrios, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Ana and Cindy Rice, Melissa & Stuart, Family Cocroft, Jeff and Jaiden Hodge. Mrs. Smith, Todd Andrews and Annette Manuel.

I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone, but we do wish to thank you for your kindness.

I asked Barry what you would like to say to everyone before you go… he said. be kind, be humble, be respectful, be grateful, enjoy life, be happy, take naps.

His biggest wish was if you can, please donate blood regularly. It can save a life or two or three. It will make you feel good. Barry had many transfusions in the past 16 months, it kept him alive, it kept him going, while he was buying his time to be with us.

Due to the current Covid-19 restriction, cremation has taken place. As per Barry’s wishes Private Celebration’s of Life will be held in North Bay, Oshawa, Montreal, and Toronto at a later date. He wanted for everyone to be safe… in the “Bubble”.

Donations to the North Bay Regional Health Centre for Diagnostic Imaging Fund or to the Leslie Manary Nursing Leadership Endowment or to the Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation Medical Equipment Fund -Perth, Ontario.

Jill Wilson, your kind words resonate with me:

“Don’t think so much. His body will decide. We all have the same finish line. We just get there different ways. He’ll run with his race til he can’t anymore.

On behalf of Matthew, Christine, and myself we would like to thank each and everyone of you who reached out to us and showed us kindness, sympathy, compassion, shared your pictures and stories about Barry. They say the first thing you forget is their voice, but I know we’ll All remember Barry’s laughter.

Sending much love back to everyone.

Rose, Matthew, and Christine Simon


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