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Government of Canada Human Resources

Canada Pension Plan survivor benefits are paid to a deceased contributor's estate, surviving spouse or common-law partner and dependent children. There are three types of benefits: 1. The death benefit is a one-time payment to, or on behalf of, the estate of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor; 2. The survivor's pension is a monthly pension paid to the surviving spouse or common-law partner of a deceased contributor; 3. The children's benefit is a monthly benefit for dependent children of a deceased contributor.

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Executor's Choice

Death Benefit and Survivor Benefits

Last Post Fund

The Last Post Fund is dedicated to ensure, in so far as possible, that no war veterans, military disability pensioners or civilians who meet wartime service eligibility criteria are denied a dignified funeral and burial for lack of sufficient funds. 

Ontario Funeral Service Association

The OFSA publishes a number of brochures that can provide you with answers to your questions about funerals.

The Bereavement Register

The Gone Away Suppression File provided a solution to the problem of mailing people who moved. It also led to the identification of another problem within the industry - mailing the deceased. Receiving mail for someone who has moved is frustrating, but if you are suffering a bereavement and the deceased person is still being mailed it is also distressing.

Near North Palliative Care Network

The mission of the Hospice Association of Ontario (HAO) is to provide leadership to develop and enhance community hospice palliative care in Ontario.

Victorian Order of Nurses

VON is a not-for-profit, national health organization and registered charity offering a wide range of community health care solutions that meet the needs of Canadians from coast to coast.

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